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            I am not going to talk about the movie NO THIEF.

            Just now, i was told by one of my good friends that her electronic dictionary had gone. maybe someone BORROWED it PERMANENTLY. it just happened in the library of our XuHui campus.

            Several month ago, another classmate of mine lost her cellphone at the crossroad of CaoBao and GuiLin Road. the last second she still used her cellohone to receive a call, but even before the traffic light turned from red to green, she suddenly found that the phone had gone! i was at present. maybe the thief even walked away pretending to be at leisure just under my eyelid! we called 110 at once. the police came but they still could do nothing except putting on records simply. one of the police said to us that it was much more important for us to take good care of our possession than to rely on the policeman to arrest all the rampant thieves! waht he had said was really with reason and unforgotten!

            No thief in the world! everybody hope so!

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